Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Little Bit of Progress

There has been a small amount of progress with Lepidoptera. It has finally been basted, but sits there, next to the sewing machine while I stare at it. It isn’t an effective strategy for moving the project towards finishing. 

Other than some minor stitching-in-the-ditch, it is about all of the action I feel able to take right now with it. The quilting of Fancy Foxes II has made some progress. Almost 3 of 4 of the foxes are completely quilted, but the quilting continues to be a struggle.  It’s primarily why staring at Lepidoptera instead of quilting it has become an Olympic event. Last night every stitch put into the foxes was ripped. Every last one. The longer this continues, the more confidence this mind game consumes. Maybe I’ll just have to go with it, keep the foxes moving forward until completion despite the lack of confidence in the result. Maybe it will give me some confidence to quilt Lepidoptera.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Very Little Forward Motion

Quilting efforts haven't been going very well these days. Perhaps it’s the plethora of projects, or a growing sense of ennui that would put any insomniac to sleep. Lepidoptera remains unbasted, and the self-imposed deadline for getting it to the finish line has passed. Getting things to line up between the front and back has been a struggle. It’s not clear why Lepidoptera and I are fighting, but we are clearly at odds with each other. Pushing through the frustration isn’t going to make anything better, so it’s been put down until help arrives to moderate our disagreement. That should take care of any remaining nastiness.

Since Lepidoptera and I aren’t getting along, Fancy Fox II is back under the needle. I wouldn't say that we’re the best of friends either. So the problem is me. The quilting hasn’t been easy, and a lot of stitches have been laid in only to be ripped right back out. Despite that, progress has been made and its at about the half way mark. The space around the shaky dragonfly has been quilted, but it might not stay that way. 
Pebbling may have been the wrong choice. It stands out too much and a motif that’s less dense would probably be a better choice. There are still other bits to quilt while deciding. Odds are it's going to stay the way it is since picking is an enormous pain.